About JCI East Kowloon 4 Areas of Development Opportunity

4 Areas of Development Opportunity

  • Develop individual awareness and sensitivity to the problems of the community.
  • Voice your opinion on community issues.
  • Identify community needs to improve the well being of Hong Kong, ultimately leading to the betterment of the global community.
  • Learn how to manage your time, your money and your work.
  • By carrying out projects of different sizes and natures, you can develop management skills and your problem-solving abilities.
  • Gain experience to be a leader at various levels in the organization.
  • Training seminars, workshops and leadership camps are organized, giving opportunities for self-improvement.
  • Accept challenges and responsibilities and gain new experience outside of your normal work life.

  • Provides opportunities to pursue business interests through National Business Network (NBN) and worldwide Junior Chamber networking activities.
  • Business seminars and contact sessions organized by National Business Netowrk and International Business.
  • Network (IBN) throughout the year.
  • Through the annual Conference and Congress, you can travel abroad and gain more international experience.
  • Derive an awareness of universal problems and an understanding of people all over the world.
  • Develop international friendship through the network of Junior Chamber International.
  • Through interaction with people of different backgrounds, you can develop your social skills and make new friends.