About JCI East KowloonHistory & Facts

The Birth of Junior Chamber International East Kowloon

In 1979, some members from the Kowloon Jaycees, with the support of their mother chapter, grouped together with other young elites to establish a new chapter under the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. After months of preparation, these young people formed the 'East Kowloon Jaycees'. The then Chief Justice Sir D. Roberts officiated the Charter Night and greeted the Charter President Senator Tang Chi Keung on 1st March 1980.  The official language of the Chapter is English.  In line with the world headquarters Junior Chamber International, the organization changed her name to "East Kowloon Junior Chamber" in 1997 and further changed to "Junior Chamber International East Kowloon" in 2011.

The Structure

Junior Chamber International East Kowloon (JCIEK) is a registered charitable organization. She is one of the 19 chapters of the Hong Kong Junior Chamber (formerly known as the Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce); which the latter is affiliated to the world organization - Junior Chamber International. To run the organization, members elect their President and Board of Directors every year. The Board of Directors, chaired by the President, is responsible for the administration and general operation of the chapter.


Our members are young people between 18-40 years old men and women coming from different professions.  A new comer is normally accepted as an Prospective Member.  After one has satisfied certain membership criteria, he/she will be invited by the Board to become a Full Member.

Training and Serving

Since the establishment, JCIEK has a variety of program to develop members' potential on leadership and management skills. For example, Investment Games, Outstanding Manager Towards 2000, Success Training Camp. For one to put into practice on what has been learnt, our members are keen to plan the community development projects.  For example, Home Safety, Build our Hong Kong; Better our Community, Care for the Single Parent Families, Fundraising of Emergency Alarm for the Elderly, One Company One Job and the recurrent project Family Harmony.  Through organizing such projects, members care and serve our society while on the other hand, enrich their exposure and experience by taking up a totally different responsibility from their day time career.

Global Friendship

Junior Chamber is an international organization. Every year, members from worldwide gather at the Asia & Pacific Conference and World Congress to discuss global issues, attend training sessions and cultivate friendship. JCI East Kowloon enters into sisterhood pact with JCI Mandarin of Singapore, JCI Ipoh of Malaysia and JCI Sike of Taiwan.